Welcome to Powderhouse Pet Resort 

Now you can get away and relax knowing your pet is receiving the care, love and attention that they would receive in their own home. Powderhouse Pet Resort was designed with the eye of an experienced pet care professional and animal lover. Starting with its quiet country atmosphere, each pet has an indoor heated and air conditioned run with an adjoining covered outdoor run. In addition each pet is taken out several times a day. Powderhouse Pet Resort’s 1/2 acre supervised play yard with its agility equipment is the perfect place for your dog to safely get some daily exercise. The Resort also features an exclusive cats only retreat that caters to the special needs of your feline friend. Your pet will truly experience a 5 Paw Pet Resort! The Grooming Salon is legendary in the community for having three of the original groomers still in place since the grand opening. A true love of animals along with experience and technique is the cornerstone of our success. Powderhouse Pet Resort has served the needs of Aiken, South Carolina and the surrounding communities since 1986.  Therefore, there is an established reputation for giving the highest quality care to your beloved pet.

Powderhouse Pet Resort is a Five Paw Pet Resort

Powderhouse Pet Resort  - Aiken, South Carolinathe Cat Condos at Kandy Boatwright and our extraordinary groomers at the Cat Condos at Powderhouse Pet Resort  - Aiken, South Carolinathe cat's outside play area - atthe Cat Condos - at Kandy Boatwrightplay yard with swimming pool at Powderhouse Pet Resort  - Aiken, South Carolinathe staff at  relaxing at Sha -Leslie - Kandy BoatwrightPowderhouse Pet Resort  - Aiken, South Carolina

Please feel free to stop in for a visit to meet the friendly staff or tour the total facility. Tours will be only given by appointment from 11:00 to 2:00 – Monday through Friday -only.

Please Note: Pets should arrive at least half an hour before the close of business to give them a chance to settle in.


Before your visit you will need to fill out the following paperwork.

Click here for  New Client /  Boarding Agreement Form


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