When you need a vacation,
why can't your dog have one, too?

When boarding with Powderhouse Pet Resort, doggies get their own, spacious, temperature controlled private suites or can share a suite with other dogs from your family. The dogs come out several times a day for potty breaks and exercise. We offer supervised playtime packages so your furry friends can enjoy the sunshine, playing in our 1/2 acre play yard or swimming in our custom made 16’x29’ state of the art beach entry doggie pool. What better way to treat your pet in the hot “Dog Days” of Summer than a refreshing swim in the Powderhouse Pet Resort Doggie Pool? It’s a great way for your pet to cool down while getting some fun exercise!

Advanced reservations are required for overnight boarding.

Dogs are fed at the typical breakfast and dinner times. We can accommodate a special feeding schedule if necessary. Just provide us with feeding instructions when you drop your pet off.


Advance reservations for boarding are strongly encouraged as we book on a first come, first serve basis. Please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. You may book your reservation on-line or by calling 803-648-0779. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email when reserving online.


* Please read these carefully prior to boarding

  1. Dogs must be current on the following vaccinations upon arrival and throughout their stay:
    • Rabies
    • Distemper
    • Bordatella (every 6 months)
  2. You can drop your dog off any time during our normal business hours on the day the reservation begins. We do request that you drop-off a minimum of 30 minutes prior to closing.To avoid a longer than usual wait, you may want to avoid our peak drop-off/pick-up times of 7:30am to 9:00am and 4:00pm to 5:00 pm.
  3. Overnight boarding reservations are good from the time of drop-off until noon the following day. If you pick up after noon, you will be charged for another full day of boarding.
  4. We recommend packaging each meal in a separate ziplock bag and marked with dog’s name. Alternatively, you may package your pet’s food in a plastic container. We cannot accept open bags of food.
  5. Our suites already contain raised platform beds that are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized everyday so we prefer for you to leave your pet's bed at home. Blankets toys are OK to bring but be aware that Powderhouse Pet Resort will not be responsible for any lost or damaged beds, blankets, and toys.
  6. Rawhides will NOT be given to dogs, however, Kongs or hard bones can be with dogs. We also offer Kongs and other treats for a small fee.
  7. If requesting a bath, please make this request when you schedule your dog’s stay, as baths are scheduled in advance by the staff.
  8. Dogs sometimes chew their beds at nighttime, Powderhouse Pet Resort is not responsible for torn beds.
  9. MEDICINE: Please bring medication in the original prescription container with the original instructions on each container. Medications that are not in the original container with dosing instructions from the veterinarian will NOT be administered. You may want to bring a ziplock bag of “PILL POCKETS” with each prescription. Pill Pockets can be purchased at any pet store or vet.
    * Please note that we cannot administer injectable medications, including insulin.

Dog Boarding Prices
Regular Suites – $36 PER DAY
    Additional dog stays for $32 Per day
Pethouse Suites – $64 PER DAY
    Additional dog in the same suite stays for $36 Per day
Luxury Suites – $64 PER DAY
    Additional dog stays for $36 Per day
    * Add a supervised One-on-One play session for $8
    * Add supervised Swim Time for $10