Let the fun BEGIN!

How much fun could a good dog have if a good dog could go to daycare?  The answer: TONS!  Doggie Daycare includes supervised one-on-one playtime in our 1/2 acre doggie playground!  Your fur baby gets to run and play games and get loved on by one of our outstanding staff.  Want your pup to cool off in our custom-made doggie pool?  We can make that happen too!


Just because you can’t be with your dog all the time doesn’t mean she has to be left at home alone. At doggie playcare, your dog will get plenty of exercise in a safe, supervised setting. And no more chewing up the furniture, accidents on the carpet, or incessant barking from being lonely and bored at home!


Doggie Daycare Requirements:

Have current vaccinations:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordatella (every 6 months)

*We also strongly recommend the canine flu (H3N2) vaccine

dog day care PRICES

Doggie Day Care W/ PLaytime – $23 per day (ADD A 2nd Playtime for $5)

DOGGIE DAY CARE W/ playtime and Swimming – $25 PER DAY